Rome: International Historical Commission

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Rome: International Historical Commission

The International Historical Commission held its annual meeting in Rome from January 24-February 4 under the direction of Fr. Luis Munilla, Chairperson.  The opening Eucharist was celebrated for two historians who died in the past year: Fr. Antoni Kielbasa of our commission and Sr. An Vandormael of the Mother Mary Study Group. 


The IHC received and discussed the written reports of the commission members on their individual research projects during the past year and spent the majority of its time working in two small groups:  one group finished preparing for publication a new volume of DSS which will contain letters of the Founder which have been found since his letters were published in DSS X. The other group finished collecting and preparing for publication miscellaneous original texts of the Founder that will be published as another volume of DSS; since the majority of the miscellaneous texts are in German, the decision was taken to translate all the non-German texts into German and include both the original language and the translations in the DSS volume, so that at least one language group would have access to all the material.

When these two volumes of DSS are published, the task of making available the primary resources of the Founder will be basically finished.  The commission brainstormed future work and settled on two projects:  publishing selected memories of the Founder written by people who knew him, and an editorial group to review and publish studies which have been written on various Salvatorian topics but are not yet published.   Members will continue working on their projects during the coming year.
With two of the eight postulators for Jordan’s cause present, a special moment during the commission was a champagne toast to celebrate the pope’s approval of a decree of heroicity of virtues for our Founder (see the picture). The International Historical Commission itself has contributed much to the Cause of the Founder through its work over the years.