Fr. Stanisław Moździerz SDS (1936-2012)

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Fr. Stanisław Moździerz SDS (1936-2012)

Fr. Stanisław Moździerz was born on July 6th 1936 in Czyszki near Lvov. In 1945 together with his parents Jan and Rozalia they were resettled to the “reclaimed territories” and from 1946 they lived in Trzebnica. On July 30th 1953 he asked for admittance to the Society of the Divine Savior. He entered the novitiate in Bagno in September 1953 and received the name of Władysław. One year later he made his first religious profession.


In 1958 he took his final religious vows. On June 29th 1962 he was ordained to the Priesthood by Cardinal Bolesław Kominek. From the beginning Fr. Moździerz wished to involve in parish ministry. By the first decree the provincial superior sent him to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in Dobroszyce as a parochial vicar. In late July 1964 he was entrusted with the office of parochial vicar at Our Lady the Mother of Our Savior Parish in Mikołów. After two years he was transferred to the Salvatorian community in Trzebinia, where he was a consultor and treasurer. He was also involved in works referring to construction of the church, known today as the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima. In 1967 he became a parochial vicar of the Parish in Trzebnica and was involved in the ministry at two churches: in Wysoki Kościół and in Piotrowiczki. In summer 1971 he moved to Bagno, where he was a parish administrator. After ten years he was transferred again to Dobroszyce, this time as a pastor. He was also a treasurer, and from 1984 a vice superior of the local religious community. In June 1987 he changed the office and from pastor became a parochial vicar, in order to be able to involve himself in pastoral work in Łuczyna and Siekierowice, on the territory of Dobroszyce Parish. After two years he was appointed a pastor of the newly founded parish in Siekierowice. During his residence in Siekierowice he kept his membership in the religious community of Dobroszyce and in 1990 once more he was entrusted with the office of vice superior. In 1999 he was appointed as superior and entrusted with the function of treasurer of the separate community of Siekierowice. After two decades of pastoral ministry in Siekierowice, on July 1st 2008 he was transferred to the religious house in Koczurki, where he was a pastoral assistant. In autumn 2010 he returned to the Parish of Dobroszyce, where as a pensioner he involved in pastoral ministry. In 2012 he celebrated the 50th anniversary of Priesthood.

Fr. Stanisław Moździerz passed away on December 17th 2012, early in the morning, at a hospital in Wrocław, where he was admitted after suffering a cerebellar stroke. His funeral took place on December 20th, at 1 p.m. at the International Sanctuary of St. Jadwiga of Silesia in Trzebnica. Fr. Piotr Filas, provincial superior of the Polish Province, presided over the Holy Mass and gave a homily.