Fr. Marian Papiernik SDS (1940-2019)

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Fr. Marian Papiernik SDS (1940-2019)

On May 11th, 2019, in Wrocław, Poland, our confrere Fr. Marian Papiernik SDS passed away. He was 79 and he was a member of Polish Province of the Society of the Divine Savior for 55 years and served as a priest for 52 years. He was buried in his home Parish in Pilzno, Poland.

Fr. Marian Papiernik was born on January 2nd, 1940, in a village Słotowa near Pilzno in Southern Poland. He grew up together with four of his siblings and with their parents: Jan and Eleonora née Kuczek. They were farmers. Marian was baptized in local church in 1940 and received the sacrament of confirmation in the same church in 1953. He grew up in a pious family and from the first grade of elementary school he served as an altar boy. The desire to serve as a priest showed up in high school. After his graduation he wanted to join the Major Seminary in Diocese of Tarnów. Due to the fact, that there were too many candidates to priesthood in Tarnów and the seminary could not handle it, Marian was sent to the Major Seminary in Gdańsk (Northern Poland). Between 1958 and 1963 he studied philosophy in theology there. He wanted to serve as a missionary. Marian left Major Seminary in Gdańsk and applied to be a member of the Society of the Divine Savior. He started his novitiate in  1963 in Bagno. A year later he had his first religious profession. He continued his studies in Kraków. He had his perpetual profession in 1967. In the same year Marian was ordained for priesthood by bishop Anrzej Wronka in Wrocław.

After his ordination he was assigned to the Salvatorian community in Trzebinia and served there as a vicar. In 1969 he was sent to Salvatorian parish in Dobroszyce as a vicar and vice superior of local community. Three years later he was assigned to our community in Trzebnica, serving as vicar, vice-superior and treasurer of the community. In 1978 his superiors assigned him to be a preacher and to lead parish retreat. He moved to Krzyż Wielkopolski. In 1981 he was transferred to the Salvatorian community in Nałęczów. He was a superior and treasurer. At that time he visited many Polish parishes preaching and leading parish retreat and missions. In 1990 he became a pastor in the Salvatorian parish in Trzebinia. He was also responsible for the devotions to Our Lady of Fatima in Trzebinia church. In 1994 he was sent to Mikuszowice Śląskie and again he was an active preacher visiting many Polish churches. In 1998 he became a pastor of Salvatorian parish in Bielsko-Biała. His task was to finish building the church in new parish. He was also a superior, treasurer and vice-dean.

In 2004 serious health problems had occurred. That is why he was freed from the function of pastor and superior and moved to the Salvatorian community in Wrocław. His health got weaker with time. Despite limitations and health condition, he preached and kept leading parish retreat.

            He was a very joyful and open person. He was a man of great passion in proclaiming the Gospel. Fr. Marian as a gifted preacher proclaimed the Word of God in countless churches in many places of Poland. He also spread the devotion to Blessed Virgin Mary wherever he could. He died on May 11th, 2019, in Wrocław. Keep him in your prayers.