Trzebinia: From words to action

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Trzebinia: From words to action

The IX Synod of the Polish Province of the Salvatorians is concluded. It took place in Trzebinia on November 22-24 this year. The superiors returned to their communities after specific goals have been set. Now they need to be realized in Salvatorian daily life to allow further development and effective ministry.


First morning plenary session began with the presentation of the results of work in groups for economy and formation. It recommended certain postulates, based on suggestions from Salvatorian communities, majority of which were accepted by the entire synod body and presented for realization to the Provincial Council. However, the Synod members were conscious, that only involvement of the entire community of the Polish Province will bring expected results.

Consecutively were discussed specific problems relating to the main theme of the Synod, i.e. the administration of material goods. Among other issues were mentioned such problems as: properly written testaments and legal law relating to inheritance; formal matters regarding employment of the laity in parishes and communities, retirement insurances, health insurances and life insurances as well as the new version of income tax program.

Important part closing the meeting was dedicated to diverse issues regarding daily lives in Salvatorian communities and its apostolates. Fr. Edward Wanat, the eldest member of the Synod, working in Scotland, after the speech delivered by the provincial superior, has officially closed the IX Provincial Synod. Solemn Eucharist was presided over by Fr. Bogusław Loska, vicar provincial, and the homily was given by Fr. Piotr Filas, provincial superior. The X Provincial Synod is planned for November 2011.