Seminary SDS, Bagno: Do not cease to spread the Gospel

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Seminary SDS, Bagno: Do not cease to spread the Gospel

On May 8th in Bagno took place the VIII Salvatorian Mission Symposium organized by the seminarians of the Major Seminary of the Society. The symposium was entitled “Do not cease to preach the Good News.”


The Holy Mass presided by Fr. Piotr Filas SDS, provincial superior of the Polish Province, began the meeting, which was officially opened by Fr. Jerzy Madera SDS, rector of the Seminary, who also welcomed the invited guests, among them superiors of the nearby Salvatorian communities, directors of the apostolates, religious sisters representing the Salvatorian Congregation, St. Joseph’s Congregation, Borromean Sisters, St. Felix’s Sisters and representatives of diverse institutions supporting missionary work of the Church, such as seminarians of Wrocław Seminary, mission volunteers from Lublin, Wrocław, Dobroszyce and young people.

Among the lecturers were the following guests: Rev. dr Grzegorz Wita from the Institute of Missiology and Ecumenical Theology of the Silesian University, director of the Pontifical Mission Societies and secretary of the Polish Missiologists Society; Fr. mgr lic. Adam Teneta SDS from the Postulation Office for beatification of Fr. Francis of the Cross; prof. dr hab. Eugeniusz Sakowicz from the UKSW, secretary of the Theology Faculty of the Catholic University of Lublin and consultor of the Council for Religious Dialogue at the Polish Episcopate Conference; Fr. dr Julian Bednarz SDS, missionary and lecturer at the Salvatorian Institute of Theology and Philosophy in Morogoro, Tanzania; and Rev. prof. dr hab. Jan Górski from the Silesian University, consultor of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples in Rome and of the Polish Episcopate for Missions. Among diverse aspects related to missionary activity in today’s world, the lecturers emphasized especially the need for involvement of lay Catholics in work of Evangelization, genuine testimony and missionary power of Christian life, based on true relationship with Our Savior.

After the lectures there was a time for discussion, when participants of the meeting asked questions and shared their thoughts. Later on they prayed together for missions and for salvation of all people. In the evening took place and informal recreation meeting, in which participated dr Helena Pyz, who shared her memories and experience of work at the Rehabilitation Center for Lepers “Jeevodaya” in India, which was founded by Fr. Adam Wiśniewski SAC from Poland.