Salvatorian Missions: Missions – Testimony of Love and Comunion

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Salvatorian Missions: Missions – Testimony of Love and Comunion

On October 24th the Church in Poland celebrates the World Mission Day. It is the call for the renewal of our involvement in evangelization and greater missionary pastoral activity through supporting missionaries in the whole world in diverse ways. The Salvatorian Foreign Mission Center is committed to encouraging the missionary passion.


It serves all, who decided to dedicate their time, and often their lives, to proclaim Our Savior. This service is possibly thanks to great dedication of Salvatorian missionaries and thanks to the generous assistance of all, who support their work.

Each Mission Week, besides immense value of prayer, provides an occasion to assist financially those in great need.

The Polish Salvatorians work in many parts of the world, where missionary service is very much needed. One of such places is Albania, where the word “God” was expelled from daily language and the country was proclaimed atheist. There the work of our Salvatorian confreres is unusually difficult because of enormous poverty and social and religious contrasts.

This year’s MissionWeek the Salvatorian Family celebrates with the motto: You can help – help us build the playground for children in Albania. It is a dream of our confreres and their little parishioners, that in vicinity of our religious community house in Bilaj we can build safe and attractive playground. A little involvement of each of us can mean a lot in fulfilling their dream.

Message of Benedict XVI for World Mission Sunday of 2010