Hungary: Lay Salvatorians for the first time

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Hungary: Lay Salvatorians for the first time

On April 28th the Salvatorian Family in Hungary organized the first meeting of lay Salvatorian branch in this country. It took place at the Spiritual Retreat Center “Mater Salvatoris” in Gödöllő-Máriabesnyő. Participants interested in lay Salvatorians’ mission came from parishes, where work the Salvatorians, but not only: Csörög, Galgahévíz, Sződ, Sződliget, Gödöllő and area of Balaton.


At the meeting were also present Salvatorian sisters from  Szeged and Budapest as well as all the Salvatorians working in Hungary (Galgahévíz, Gyula, Sződ and Sződliget). Sr. Urlike Musick SDS from Vienna, Austria, gave lecture on history and mission of lay Salvatorians. Mr. Edward Tkocz from Bielsko-Biała, Poland, shared his experience as a lay member of this spiritual family.

Besides the lecture and testimony, the program included naturally the time for prayer, especially the canon prayers from Taizé, conversations and common prayer at the local cemetery, where the participants visited graves of Salvatorian sisters. At the conclusion of the meeting all participants were invited for the next one planned for this coming July.