Fr. Tadeusz Sokołowski (1934-2016)

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Fr. Tadeusz Sokołowski (1934-2016)

Father Tadeusz Sokołowski, Salvatorian Priest, passed away on March 10th 2016. He was born on November 12th 1934 in Anielin, a village near Iłża, in the region of Kielce. He was baptized in his home Parish in Odechów. He had two younger sisters. Their parents, Stanisław and Marianna, were farmers. Tadeusz began his education in the seven-year elementary school in Kowalikowo. In 1950 he continued in the Industrial School in Radom, from which he graduated with the so-called little secondary school certificate. As he wrote in his CV, he had to interrupt his education because of his mother’s illness and returned home to help in managing the family farm.

He began his Novitiate formation on September 18th 1954 in Bagno and received name of Gerard. After one year he made his first religious profession. Then he started preparing, as an extramural student, for the secondary school examination. During the years of 1956-1962 he studied philosophy and theology at the Salvatorian Major Seminary in Bagno. On September 29th 1959 he took his perpetual vows in Bagno. Afterwards, on March 18th 1962, he was ordained to the Deaconate by the Most Rev. Paweł Latusek. On June 29th 1962, in Bagno, the Most Rev. Bolesław Kominek ordained him to the Priesthood.

The first place of Fr. Tadeusz’s pastoral ministry was Trzebnica, where he was a catechist in the local Parish during the years 1962-1964. In 1964 he left Lower Silesia and went to work as catechist and vicar in the diocesan parish of Sobików, near Góra Kalwaria. Because of great needs of the Church in Poland the Salvatorians generously began their ministry in the so-called the Recovered Territories. Therefore, in 1965, Fr. Tadeusz left Sobików and moved to the new place of his apostolic ministry, Pełczyce near Myślibórz, where he worked as catechist and vicar. After two years he was transferred to a Parish in Łobez, Diocese of Gorzów. During the years 1968-1970 he was a vicar and catechist in the diocesan Parish in Chojno. Next year he worked in the Moryń Parish, and from there, in July 1971, he was sent to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Widuchowa. There, in 1971-1974 he was a vicar and catechist. Then he moved to the religious community house in Trzebinia, where he was a parochial vicar. In 1975 he received a decree, by which he was transferred to the religious community house in Bielsko-Biała. In the new place he worked as a vicar in the Salvatorian Parish in Bystra Śląska. On August 30th 1976 he had an accident at the Main Train Station in Katowice, which considerably influenced his state of health and caused difficulties when it came to his pastoral ministry.

After two years Fr. Tadeusz went to work in Kraków, at Łobzowska Street. Temporarily he was involved in pastoral ministry. In November 1977 he was transferred to the Parish in Koczurki, where he was entrusted with pastoral and catechetical tasks. In 1979 Fr. Tadeusz was sent to the Parish in Wysoki Kościół, where he engaged in pastoral ministry and religious education. After three years, in June 1982, he was sent to Zebrzydowice. There, in 1982-1986 he was a chaplain in the Social Care House of the Hospittalers of St. John of God. Then, on June 20th 1986, he was transferred to Kosewo, where during the years 1986-1988 he was a vicar in the Salvatorian Parish of the Blessed Virgin Mary the Mother of the Church in Baranowo. Later on he was sent to the Visitation of the BVM Parish in Koczurki, where in 1988-2000 he worked in pastoral ministry.

By the decree of his superiors, on June 6th 2000, Fr. Tadeusz was transferred to the convent of the Sisters of the Mother of Mercy in Walendów. There, in 2000-2007 he was their chaplain and involved in pastoral ministry in the local chapel. Subsequently he moved to the Salvatorian community in Więciórka, where in 2007-2008 he was a pastoral assistant. Because the state of his health has worsened he was transferred to the religious community house in Krzywin Gryfiński, where he resided in 2008-2015. In September 2015 Fr. Sokołowski celebrated his 60th anniversary of religious profession. Since his health continued to deteriorate and he needed constant care, his superiors sent him, in February 2016, to the Salwator Park Care and Rehabilitation in Mikołów.

Fr. Tadeusz Sokołowski passed away on March 10th in the regional hospital in Mikołów. He went to our Lord in his 82nd year of life, 54th year of his Priesthood and 61st year of religious life. His funeral will take place on March 12th of the current year, at 12 p.m. in the Blessed Virgin Mary the Mother of Savior church in Mikołów. He will be buried in the religious community tomb at the local cemetery.


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