Fr. Tadeusz Gleń SDS (1939 – 2011)

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Fr. Tadeusz Gleń SDS (1939 – 2011)

Fr. Tadeusz Gleń has passed away on November 18th 2011 at the hospital in Chrzanów. He was a Salvatorian for fifty four years. He will be remembered as a zealous priest, longtime pastor, responsible for construction of the parish church in Ponice.


Fr. Tadeusz Gleń was born on July 26th 1939 in Lublin, in a workers’ family of Władysław and Bronisława nee Chucherko. He was baptized on September 10th 1939 in his hometown, at St. Michael’s Parish. Tadeusz had older siblings: one brother and three sisters. Because of the war, in 1939 the Gleń’s family had to leave Lublin and move to Nowa Góra near Krzeszowice, where the father was a sacristan at the local parish.

Since his childhood Tadeusz was an altar boy and helped his father in his service. He completed his elementary education in Nowa Góra and then the School of Chemistry at Dwory near Oświęcim. He could not attend a High School since his family financial situation, after his father’s death in 1952, has much worsened.

He entered the Salvatorian novitiate in Bagno in 1956 and received name: Emilian (in 1966 he returned to using his baptismal name). He made his first profession on September 8th 1957 and took his perpetual vows on September 8th 1960. In 1959 he completed his High School education. He studied philosophy and theology at the Major Salvatorian Seminary in Bagno and was ordained to the Priesthood on June 28th 1966 by the Archbishop Karol Wojtyła. As a priest he worked principally in area of pastoral ministry, spiritual retreats and popular missions. He was a parochial vicar in the following places: Trzebnica (1966-1969), Chojna, Szczecińsko – Kamieńska Diocese (1969-1970), Kraków, St. Stephen’s Parish (1970-1971), Trzebinia 1971-1974, Bielsko-Biała, Our Lady the Queen of Poland Parish (1974-1975), Oborniki Śl. (1975-1978), Krzyż Wlkp. (1978-1980). In 1980-1982 he resided at the community of Mikołów as a retreat giver. Later on he was a superior of the community in Warsaw (1982-1987). In 1987 he was appointed pastor of the new parish in Ponice, as a member of the community of Więciórka, where he was consultor and superior. He was also nominated by a bishop as responsible for animation of pastoral ministry of adults in the Rabka’s Deanery. Moreover, when it came to organizing parish life, especially construction of the church and the religious community house, he was a plenipotentiary of the provincial superior. In 1999 – 2000 he was also a treasurer and superior of the local community. After twenty two years of pastoral ministry, when – thanks to his intensive work – the construction of the parish church and the religious community house was accomplished, Fr. Tadeusz was exempted from his office of pastor and superior, and transferred to Krzyż Wielkopolski. The reason for such decision on the part of his religious superiors was his health condition and his need for rest. Several recent months he spent at his sister’s home in Mława, where he was well taken care of. Nevertheless his health worsened and he was transferred to the community of Trzebinia and had to spend some time at the hospital of Chrzanów. He passed away on November 18th 2011. He was 72 years old, a religious for 54 years and a priest for 45 years.

Funeral of Father Tadeusz Gleń is planned to take place on November 24th 2011 in Trzebinia, right after the conclusion of the 10th Provincial Synod. The Most Rev. Damian Muskus OFM, Bishop of Kraków, was invited to preside over the Holy Mass. Fr. Tadeusz will be buried at the local community’s tomb in Trzebinia.

/Fr. W. Węglarz SDS/