Fr. Piotr Jarząbek SDS (1935 – 2012)

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Fr. Piotr Jarząbek SDS (1935 – 2012)

Father Piotr Jarząbek was born on June 29th 1935 roku in Radlin, Diocese of Katowice. In 1949 he began his education at the Minor Seminary in Mikolów. After suppression of the Seminary, in 1952, he entered the Salvatorian Novitiate in Bagno and chose his religious name: Sergiusz.


After one year, on September 8th, he made his first religious professin and took his final vows in 1958. He completed his studies of philosophy and theology at the Salvatorian Major Seminary in Bagno and on June 29th 1960, at the parish church in Bagno, he was ordained to the Priesthood by the Most Rev. Andrzej Wronka.

After finishing the pastoral course at the Seminary in Bagno, he was transferred to Oborniki Śląskie, where for three years he worked as a parochial vicar. In June 1964 his religious superiors delegated him to work at the Holy Family parish in Warszawa-Zacisze. He declared himself as candidate for missionary ministry in Brazil. After one year he was reassigned as a parochial vicar in Oborniki Śl., where he worked until 1972. Besides his pastoral work he was entrusted with diverse religious duties. He was a treasurer and consultor, later on a superior and treasurer at the same time.

In 1972 he was transferred to Mikołów, where he was a superior of the local community and pastor of the Salvatorian parish church. In 1987 he initiated the Pastoral Center in Śmiłowice. In 1988 he was appointed by the Most Rev. Damian Zimoń, as confessor of seminarians of the Major Silesian Seminary in Katowice. Since 1990 he was a vice-superior of the community in Mikołów and moved to Śmiłowice in order to complete the construction of the church and to animate pastoral ministry. In 1992 Archbishop Damian Zimoń nominated Fr. Piotr a pastor of Our Lady of Częstochowa parish in Śmiłowice. In 2002, because of health problems he was released from all of his duties, and after two years he joined again the community of Mikołów. He required constant care and he spent the last two months of his life at St. Joseph Care Center in Mikołów.

Fr. Piotr Jarząbek died on May 22nd 2012. His funeral took place on May 24th. The funeral Mass was presided over by the Most Rev. Damian Zimoń at Our Lady the Mother of Our Savior church of the Salvatorians in Mikołów. Father Piotr was buried in the Savlatorian tomb at the parochial cemetery.