Canadian SDS Regional Meeting

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Canadian SDS Regional Meeting

On October 24-28, 2011, members of the Canadian Region of the Polish Province met at "Sanctum" retreat center in Caroline, Alberta (Archdiocese of Edmonton) for the autumn session and the annual Salvatorians’ retreat. The first and second day (Monday and Tuesday) were devoted to current affairs of the region. Members discussed apostolic tasks and pastoral works of the Polish Salvatorians, who work in 20 parishes in Canada.


While there are only 17 Savatorians working in Canada, a few of them are working in two parishes. Salvatorians of the Polish Province are present in the following Canadian dioceses: 3 in the diocese of Halifax (New Scotia), 5 in the Diocese of Calgary  (Alberta), 2 in the diocese of Edmonton (Alberta), 3 in the diocese of Vancouver (British Columbia) and 4 in the diocese of Victoria (British Columbia). Participants also discussed the regional contributions to the Polish Province, Generalate and Salvatorian Missions. Members of the region shared their work experiences and commented on the development of their Salvatorian identity and spirituality. Members present at the meeting reviewed and approved the proposal of three folders and posters promoting vocations for the Salvatorian Family.

The next three days of the meeting were consecrated to the Salvatorian annual retreats led by Fr. Alex McAllister, Provincial of Great Britain Province. In subsequent teachings, he spoke on the following topics: "The priesthood of Christ", "Priestly life - both active and contemplative", "Altar - the place where the priest is at home", "Dangers of the priestly life" and "Our Founder - a man of action and of prayer". After each conference, the retreat master led a dynamic discussion and invited others to participate. These discussions contributed to our mutual enrichment and strengthened our Salvatorian vocation. In particular, our discussions stressed the necessity for each member of the region to work continuously on the development of their Salvatorian Charism in their personal and apostolic life. As we live in very distant parishes and do not have the opportunity to meet frequently, we live in danger of "secularization" and risk forgetting our Salvatorian Charism. To avoid this danger, it seems necessary for every member of the region to maintain regular contact with their confreres and to deepen his salvatorian spirituality through personal study of the salvatorian publications.
We invite young Polish confreres to join us in the apostolic work in Canada.

Next regional meeting was scheduled for mid-April 2012.