Canada: Chapter of the Region

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Canada: Chapter of the Region

On April 16-19, 2012 in Vancouver took place the Chapter of the Canadian Region of the Polish Province of the Society of the Divine Savior. In the Chapter took part three Salvatorians from Halifax, six from Alberta, two from Burnaby and four from Vancouver. They have chosen a new Council of the Region.


Those Salvatorians, who participated recently in the Provincial Chapter and Provincial Synode, presented the situation of the Polish Province to other confreres of the Region. They also talked about preparations to the General Chapter and development of the beatification process of the Founder. Superior and treasurer of the Region presented their annual reports.

The Salvatorians discussed present situation of the Lay Salvatorians and Canadian vocations to this branch of the Family. On the second day of the meeting the new Council was elected. Fr. Maciej Woś was elected for another term as superior of the Region. Other members of the Council: Fr. Ireneusz Bem, Fr. Paweł Szczur, Fr. Andrzej Maruszczak and Fr. Jarosław Dziuba.