Fr. Marian Papiernik SDS (1940-2019)
On May 11th, 2019, in Wrocław, Poland, our confrere Fr. Marian Papiernik SDS passed away. He was 79 and he was a member of Polish Province of the Society of the Divine Savior for 55 years and served as a priest for 52 years. He was buried in his home Parish in Pilzno, Poland.
Albania: Holy Thursday and Medals
For forty days of Lent we were waiting for Easter. The Chrism Mass in archdiocesan cathedral of St. Paul in Tirana gathered faithful Catholics from various places and regions of the country. Our Salvatorian confreres were also present there…
Funeral ceremony of the late Fr. Andrew Urbański SDS
Funeral ceremony of the late Fr. Andrew Urbański SDS will take place on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 at 12.00 in the Minor Basilica of Most Sacred Heart of Jesus in Trzebinia, Poland. Before the Eucharist, at 11.15 the rosary devotion will be celebrated. After the final farewell the body will be buried in our Salvatorian tomb in Trzebinia.
R.I.P. Fr. Andrzej Urbański SDS (1947-2019)
Fr. Andrew Urbański was born on May 11, 1947 in Rajcza near Żywiec, Poland. He grew up with his brother Józef in pious family of Józef and Maria née Jeleśniańska. His father was a tailor and mother took care of the household. He was baptized on June 26, 1947 in his home parish church in Rajcza. From 1954 to 1961 he attended to the elementary...
New mission of the General
Death, especially coming surprisingly, gives us fresh and clear view on the person who passes away and on his life achievements. The Salvatorian Family all around the world is trying to get used to the information about the tragic death of long-term missionary and Superior General of the Society of the Divine Savior – Fr. Andrew Urbanski SDS.
Fr Wojciech Kowalski SDS (1944 - 2018)
Fr Wojciech Kowalski was born on 29 January 1944 in Siedlce, near Kielce. He grew up with his brother and sister in the family of Jan and Stanisława. Was baptized 13 February 1944, in his home parish in Łukowa. In 1951-1958 he attended elementary school in Siedlce. In 1958, he began his studies at the Minor Seminary of the Salvatorian Fathers in...
Fr. Zbigniew Zdanowicz SDS (1954-2016)
Fr. Zbigniew Zdanowicz was born on May 2, 1954, in Wrocław (Breslau), Poland. His parents were Roman and Janina, and he was the only child in the family. From 1961 to 1970, he attended primary school, and from 1970 to 1974, High School (No. 10), in his hometown, Wrocław. After his final exams and graduation from high school he enrolled in the...
Ecuador, Manta: Earthquake
On April 16, 2016 an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 hit the Ecuadorian Province of Manabí, where the Salvatorian Fathers and Brothers are present in the city of Manta, regularly attending about 5,000 parishioners.
Fr. Krzysztof Świętoń SDS (1952 - 2016)
Fr. Krzysztof Świętoń was born on March 13th 1952 in Młoszowa, near Trzebinia. He was raised, together with his sibling by his parents Marian and Maria nee Trębacz. His father was employed by the Polish State Railways and his mother was a housewife. Krzysztof was baptized and received the Sacrament of Confirmation at Saints Peter and Paul Parish...
Fr. Tadeusz Sokołowski (1934-2016)
Father Tadeusz Sokołowski, Salvatorian Priest, passed away on March 10th 2016. He was born on November 12th 1934 in Anielin, a village near Iłża, in the region of Kielce. He was baptized in his home Parish in Odechów. He had two younger sisters. Their parents, Stanisław and Marianna, were farmers. Tadeusz began his education in the seven-year...
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